Hayward Plunge

The Plunge Accessible Locker Room Renovation, Hayward

The Hayward Plunge is a public natatorium, modeled after the Richmond Plunge and originally constructed with public funds in 1936. HARD, which took over the facility in 1970, asked Gutierrez/Associates to renovate a relatively recent restroom addition, constructed in 2002, which was deteriorating, darkly lit, and not up to accessibility standards.

The men’s and women’s two locker rooms totaled 668 square feet. G/A’s design brightened the interior, replaced the privacy screens at the entries, and improved the toilets, urinals, washbasins and showers for accessibility. 2-inch tile was used over a waterproof (polyethylene) uncoupling membrane to secure and waterproof the floor. All new fixtures were provided, including new lockers and locker benches. Ventilation improvements included new windows and fans.