AHA Anne B. Diament Plaza Accessibility


Alameda Housing Authority – Anne B. Diament Plaza Accessibility

Anne B. Diament Plaza is a 3-story, 65-unit senior housing development, originally built in the 1970’s and owned by the City of Alameda Housing Authority. The Authority had recently completed an exterior rehab of the building, and desired an upgrade to accessibility to be in compliance with UFAS and Section 504 obligations.

G/A provided an accessibility survey of the entire facility and inspected potential units for accessibility upgrades. We walked through vacant units and reviewed existing plans to enable us to recommend four “C” unit plans for improvements, one on each floor and one additional. The fourth unit was part of the Authority’s expansion of the project program, not included in the original budget.

In the units, major work was required to open up the kitchens to wheelchair access, increase the toe-kicks to 9”, and provide roll-under sinks and roll-under built-in counter-table.  Kitchen cabinets and appliances were made fully accessible. Enlarging the bathrooms to accommodate wheelchair access required moving walls and changing the size of closets throughout each unit. The patios required new doors and thresholds.