Fouts Springs Youth Center

Fout Springs Youth Center

G/A provided the design of a 9,000 square foot secure dormitory building for juvenile offenders participating in a boot camp environment. A single desk monitors the entire dorm with direct lines of sight to the 58-bed sleeping area, bathroom/showers, activity, support and doorways. Behind the desk is a secure operations area, which is also contiguous with a small, 4 unit maximum security cell area used to augment the other functions of the Fouts Springs site.

The two-part, hybrid design emphasizes minimal staffing and includes dayroom, offices, holding cells, lockers and showers, staff areas and support. Materials are mixed Type-V 1-hour and Type-I. Funded by a VOIG Federal Grant, it was constructed with Solano County acting as the general contractor, and wards were allowed to participate in the construction as part of their innovative boot camp program.