Laboratory Renovation and Improvement Projects

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Renovation and Improvement Projects

G/A worked closely with a design/build contractor and the LBNL Facilities Department on a number of small to medium-size projects on a continuing basis. Project types ranged widely, from laboratory renovations to equipment installations, infrastructure improvements, office tenant improvements, and minor building modifications. Laboratory projects typically involved replacing or improving fume hoods, exhaust ducts, cabinets, countertops, and various MEP systems. Services included full architectural services, demolition drawings, design, construction documents, construction observation; interior design; as-builts in AutoCad; the LBNL plan check process; and incorporation of Lab Standards.

Project examples include:

CalCharge Project: Laboratory Renovation, Building 70

BARDA Project: Various Laboratory Improvements, Buildings 70/70A

Laboratory Renovations, Building 70

Supply Air Fans, Building 50A

Office Modifications, Building 78

Emergency Power Room for Genome Sequencer, Building 84

Cold Box Room, Building 84

Stair Serving Mechanical Equipment, Building 53

Assembly Room Building-Out, Building 6

Actinate Animal Lab, Building 70A

Cooling Tower Piping Improvements, Building 62

Second Floor Laboratory Improvements, Building 62